But now those lonely lullabies, Just dampen my tired eyes,
Because I cant forget you.
Searching For The Mrs Right
Tuesday, October 23, 2012 | 3:03 AM | 0 comments
photo credit: eliot. via photopin cc

All my time is searching for the Mrs. Right. Yeah. I know that i used to played girls feeling dulu. But, i dont think that karma is attacking me now! Or, is it? Ahhh! Forget it! I dont believe in this KARMA or watever, im just BELIEVE in Allah. Where is the most precious jewelry that i find rite now? Oh God! Please! My heart is empty right now! I need someone who can support all my work and all what im doing. But, im also know that i cant give my 100% my attention to the girl that i can love. Becoz i dont like to give that attention so so so much to the girl that i dont married first. Take Note That!

3 bulan lepas, aku ada berSMS dengan perempuan yang aku kenal di kampong. Yeah! I like kampong girl and she is most gorgeous girl i found in my kampong. So, i get her number through my cousin. But, after her number got lose, we lose contact. I ask my cousin where is her right now? She just silent her mouth. So, im just, ouh okey. FINE! But, her picture is still in my phone. So sad. Let by gones be by gones. Just pasrah kepada Allah, dan biar Dia yang tentukan siapa jodoh aku. Im now searching for a wife not a girlfriend.


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